Meet Allen

As Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” In that spirit, I began my more than 45 year journey in law enforcement and public service. Beginning as a rural county deputy sheriff, I embraced the core values of community and service, and this experience laid the foundation for my leadership roles within the Houston Police Department. There, I honed my skills in upholding law and order in a complex urban environment, serving as a Patrol Officer, Juvenile Investigator, Hostage Negotiator, and later as a Detective in Robbery and Internal Affairs.

Transitioning to public service as a State Representative, I navigated complex public safety and justice challenges, chairing Texas Law Enforcement, serving as Vice Chair of Homeland Security, and participating in Urban Affairs and Criminal Jurisprudence committees. This varied experience has equipped me with an unparalleled understanding of the justice system and perfected my skills in ensuring fairness and integrity, making me the ideal candidate for your Justice of the Peace.

Family, Faith, Service

Grounded in my Christian faith, and as a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, I bring not only professional expertise but also the balanced perspective needed for this vital role. In Llano County, a place already known for its fairness and respect,

I aim to further enhance these principles, ensuring our community remains a beacon of justice and dignity.

I am Allen Fletcher, and I humbly ask for your support. Together, let’s uphold and enrich the values of justice and integrity in our beloved Llano County.

Thank you, and may God bless you all.

Allen's Timeline of Service

See Allen's more than 45-year journey in law enforcement and public service

Deputy Sheriff, Anderson County

Began law enforcement career as the Elkhart Resident Deputy, assigned to night shift patrol and all investigative follow-up for the south end of the County.


Police Officer, Houston Police Department

Began Houston Police Department (HPD) career as a Patrol Officer and quickly transitioned to Juvenile Investigator and Hostage Negotiator.


Sergeant Detective, Houston Police

Promoted to Detective and Sergeant where he was assigned to Robbery and later Internal Affairs


Supervisor Public Integrity

Assigned to the Public Integrity Review Group/Office of Inspector General, responsible for Criminal investigations of City Employees, Elected Officials and City vendors.


Honorably Retires

Honorably retires from HPD after twenty-three years of law enforcement service and transitions to the private sector.



Founded and led Resource Protection Management, a comprehensive security solutions company. Employed over 300 security personnel and was voted Fastest Growing Business of the Year 2000 by the Houston Business Journal


State Representative District 130

Elected to four consecutive terms. Served as the Chairman of Texas Law Enforcement, Vice Chair Homeland Security, and member of Criminal Jurisprudence, Transportation, and Urban Affairs committees. Notable legislation authored includes: Body Camera Bill, Campus Carry, and Doubled Death Benefit for Texas Peace Officers.


Enters Guard Service

Commissioned as a Major in the Texas State Guard


Honorably Retires (Again)

After four terms in office, Allen decides not to run for reelection, ending his more than forty years of public service.